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Building Green 

As Kermit would say, "It's not easy being green."  At Five Mile Development, we are definitely a different shade... perhaps aquamarine?!  Here our goal has always been to "think outside the box", incorporating recycling before it was fashionable or politically correct.  With an artist's discerning eye and contractor's knowledge, Don Cella redefines how materials can be used, re-imagining their form and function and integrating architectual artifacts made to a standard that cannot be reproduced today, with a strong belief that we can not afford to loose them to a landfill.  Picture the decorative bridge supports at Stone Quarry Crossing made from Pitt Stadium's retired jersey poles; or a beautiful arched ceiling made from used radius guard rail, or carved, embossed brass doors from 500 Wood Street in downtown Pittsburgh as the entrance to your office restroom.  Not only has this construction method preserved important resources and shown profound respect for our history; it has also produced significant cost savings.  Time after time this results in the creation of added value in spectacular one-of-a-kind commercial buildings with extraordinary design features.  

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